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JOA, established in 2018 and named Jami Models by the renowned Brazilian model Jackie Almeida (Jacônia), stands as a beacon of passion and expertise in the fashion industry, with over 18 years of invaluable experience. As an esteemed international agency and Mother Agency, we take pride in representing and nurturing talented models.

At JOA, modeling is a multifaceted career akin to any other profession. We are committed to continuous growth and improvement, encouraging our models to evolve into their natural essence. Emphasizing the value of knowledge, we understand that learning is the key to success. The more you know about this career, the more self-assured and competent you'll be in your performance.

Beyond just beautiful faces, JOA aspires to elevate you to greater heights. Our dedicated team provides personalized advice and comprehensive coaching to help you excel in your profession. With our unwavering guidance and support, we strive to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcomes in your career journey. Let JOA catalyze your growth and success in the dynamic fashion world.



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